2022 MML Calendar Voting Form

Here is where you get to decide what the 2022 MML Calendar will look like...

Following are the pictures which have been submitted for consideration. The most popular vehicles will be in the calendar.

Each MML member gets to vote for their 12 favorite pictures. (You may choose less than 12 if you like, but if you choose more than 12, I will only count 12 of 'em) The pictures are listed below. Next to each picture is a checkbox. Click on that checkbox to select that particular picture. Once you have all of your choices selected, make sure your name and e-mail address are filled in, and hit the submit button. If you'd like to take a look at a larger version of a particular pic, clicking on it will pop up a separate window with that pic in it...

(Yes, its perfectly OK to vote for yourself.) :-)

The polls close on Sunday 12/9 at 11:59pm PST
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The MML Calendar